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If your prospects search for your business online, what will they find? Would it excite them or terrify them?

FACT: Your business is only as good as people say it is.

Being online is a must in today's business. Your online presence is a way for you to make yourself seen, heard and, at the same time, influence your target market's decision in choosing you over the competition.

But what if what they find about your business is a bad review from a year ago that you just ignored?

Worse... what if they don't find you at all?

Imagine this...

You want to go on a vacation, so you search online for good vacation spots to go to. You find this website of a place with beautiful pictures of their amenities for a good price.

But you know that's not good enough. You want to hear what other people have to say.

So you search for reviews of other people that went to this place and you find a lot of negative reviews.

What do you do then?

Regardless of the affordable price and great amenities, people often continue on and search for another vacation spot.

That's how much your online reputation can influence a prospects decision on whether they will work with you or not.

So let me ask you again...

If I search for your business online, would what I find excite me or terrify me?

You might say that nobody really has time for that, or that you have word-of-mouth going for you .

But did you know that around 97% of people read online reviews before making a decision, and 85% trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation?

Yes, that's right.

When done properly, online reputation could do so much for you.

You might ask,

  • "How do I start?"

  • "Isn't it too late for me?"

  • "I don't have time!"

Don't fret... we're here to help you get more from your business.

Start by requesting for your online score now!

Is Your Word-of-Mouth Not Working As Well As It Did In the Past?

If you're hoping word-of-mouth grows your business, best to trust your reviews to do the job! Today, your prospects are more educated than ever before. After a referral is given, most of them will look online for a company's reviews before making a decision.

Build your online reputation and gain your target market's trust. With our online platform, you can choose from "DO IT YOURSELF" to our full service "DONE WITH YOU". We can help you build your online credibility and presence to make it easier for your prospects to reach you and to choose you over the competition.


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– Jason Kearns


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