Included in our website development package, design and framework of the website. We will provide you a large choice of templates of website we can make. You can also submit a reference for us and we will make it happen. If you have content we can plug that in to the development as well.

Social Media Integration will be done as well for you. if you have social media account and you want that connected to your website we can help you with that. On top of that, if you don’t have anything we will setup and create an account for you. Including your own business manager account, if you don’t have one yet.

Your own auto-responder, we will also create an auto-responder campaign for you that will notify you about leads and also get an email to your leads and even send them, brochures, file attachments that you want to give away to your prospect clients!

Content won’t be a problem if you don’t have one. Our research team will do their tasks and we also have our own word smiths to create those golden content for you. You don’t need to think hard about it everything is all done for you.

Brand and Logo, if you don’t have this yet and you are starting fresh we have a couple of talented designers to do that for you as well! You don’t need to hire other freelancers, its already included in your website package!

You want a website but don’t know where to start? Our friendly support and sales team will help you with that. For an added small subscription fee we will set up your own Domain registrar and webhosting service, We will guide you all the steps needed to get started on your first website.

Data and analytics, google tools and business search engine listing. This are done for you as well. While the development of the website is on going our top data specialist and developer will set that up for you as well. Coding problem when creating google tag manager? No problem we have a trained Digital Marketing Specialist that will do that for you, and you don’t have to pay extra IT IS ALL PART OF THE PACKAGE!


Included with our website development package we also create your business pages and business manager account in Facebook, twitter, linkedin, Google+ and even create you an company account for instagram. All this are done for you, the installation of pixels, setup of audiences and even data and analytics for your social media are fully setup for you, you wont need to lift a finger!

Integration of your social media to your website is also done for you. The logo’s and artwork that will be used in setting up your social media account will be provided and created by our team. No Sweat at all!


We don’t just design & develop your website and setup your social media accounts for you. We also furnish the SEO on your website. We make sure when your website is done it’s search visibility is at a 100%. We make sure your brand can be found on the web. And we make sure that the content that is plugged to your business is relevant to the brand and service your provide.

All of these are all done for you and included on our website development package.